What to Buy in Ladakh

The bazaars of Leh will mesmerize you with the superior artistry and sheer range of artifacts on display. The markets are stocked with fine products all year long, and you will lose track of time as you drift from one store to another, lost in admiration. Even the most jaded shopper will be tempted to spend at least some if not all of their money! Tibetan Handicrafts Ladakh has an enormous Tibetan population who settled here in ancient times. Some migrated here after the Chinese occupation of Tibet in the 1950s. These fascinating, friendly, warm, and kind people add to the richness of the local culture. They open their homes and hearts ready to travelers. They share their cultural heritage by selling handcrafted treasures. Just a warning though – these are so beautiful that it is hard to control and restrain yourself from buying the entire market! Leh- Ladakh Jewellery While traveling in Ladakh, you’ll notice the local women wearing mountains of turquoise and silver jewelry. Their sumptuous designs will beckon you like a siren song! You can purchase such jewelry in every Ladakh market – earrings and bracelets, neckpieces and rings, and even anklets. These make a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection, and make excellent gifts for the women in your life! Just make sure that you verify the authenticity of the silver. Always check for the hallmark. Pashmina n the not-too-distant past, only aristocrats and rich merchants could afford to own a Pashmina product. It was a mark of the owner’s status. Pashmina wool provides tremendous warmth, and yet it’s super light and delicate to boot. You can imagine why it was so prized in the bone-chilling temperatures of Ladakh! Today, Ladakh markets offer several products made of fine Pashmina wool – shawls, stoles, gloves, sweaters, socks, blankets, and even caps. Before purchasing, verify that it is, in fact, Pashmina in your hand. Real Pashmina is so fluid that an entire product can pass through the width of a finger ring!

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