When can you visit the Valley of Shepherds? - PAHALGAM

The pristine little town invites visitors all around the year. In fact, it draws an unbelievable amount of tourists every time of the year. If you can’t do away with the extreme heat in summers, escape a little while at this chilling hill station. Although you can visit as you like, here’s a seasonal break-down for your knowledge: October to February – With the fall approaching and the advent of winter, this period gives the best vibes to visit Pahalgam for winter Darlingtons. The temperature drops below zero during the peak winter. Hence, the entire area is fully covered with snow that looks almost magical. If you love snow, you can arrange a trip during this season. March to June – The season of springs begins during this period. The proximity experiences a very pleasant climate during these months with temperatures ranging between 11 to 26 degrees. Amazingly, nature breeds out new shoots, green buds, and blooms everywhere like a miracle at this time. It is also an interval time for the most revered Amarnath Yatra. Actually, tourists favored visiting Pahalgam between March to June. July to September – Pahalgam experiences monsoon during these months. However, it receives moderate to light rainfall making it easy for visitors to explore the places. Nevertheless, during the day the weather can be sometimes humid and at night a clear, dreamy, and starry sky. Visitors love to come here during this season as they can do a lot of outdoor activities and sports. Moreover, the famous pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra takes place during this time.

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