Best time to Visit Shillong

Shillong is the wondrous capital city of Meghalaya, whose name literally means “the abode of the clouds”. So, you can only imagine the nature, beauty and scenery that it proudly possesses. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone wanting to explore the North-East, acting as a picturesque gateway to the region and all it has to offer. Sitting at a height of 1496 metres above sea level, Shillong experiences a different climate to much of tropical India — that’s why it is often called the “Scotland of the East”. The rains always put on a show and tend to overstay their welcome. It’s lovely to see the local architecture, design and culture co-existing with these conditions, in its own unique way. The town’s colonial legacy remains to this date, adding to its charm. With cooler overall temperatures through the year at this pine circled city, you can plan a visit at your convenience. However, it’s always good to know more about each season so that you get the kind of holiday that suits your interests. Peak Season — Shillong experiences sub-tropical climate, with summers from March to June. This is when tourists flock the city and its surrounding regions, as the idyllic weather offers the perfect environment to enjoy everything the destination has in store. Shoulder Season — Winters last from October to March and despite seeing a lesser number of tourists, the season is still a great time to visit.

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