Kedarnath - A mixture of energies!

We look at the significance of Kedarnath temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, and how it has been a space energized by thousands of mystics and yogis over the ages. Kedarnath is a very heady mixture of energies. This is a place that has witnessed thousands of yogis and mystics of every kind. When I say every kind, you cannot imagine those kinds. These are people who made no attempt to teach anything to anyone. Their way of making an offering to the world was by leaving their energies, their path, their work – everything – in a certain way in these spaces. Kedarnath is a tremendous space. The utterance of the sound "Shiva" attains a completely new dimension and significance in Kedar. It is a space which has been specially prepared for this particular sound. When we utter the word "Shiva," it is the freedom of the uncreated, the liberation of one who is not created. It is not right to say this, but it is almost like on this planet, the sound "Shiva" emanates from this place. For thousands of years, people have experienced that space as a reverberation of that sound. - Sadhguru.

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