Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai is not only well-known for its architectural magnificence, shopping extravaganzas, and tonnes of world records but also for its vibrant and exotic nightlife in Dubai. Dubai has so much to offer regarding nightlife; it gives the right kind of environment to host safe but at the same time a wild experience. The emirate hosts some of the most popular club nights in the world. It is the home of many talented DJs and also regularly hosts the most well-known ones from across the globe. The clubbing scene here starts from Thursday since, in the Gulf region, Friday and Saturday are considered the weekend. Expect humongous waiting lines here on Friday though. Most clubs also offer an exclusive Ladies' Nights on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Marina is situated alongside an artificial canal and boasts an array of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and one can even hop down for a yacht ride! It is ideal for the couples who want to take a long romantic walk, and then cosy up in one of the restaurants beside the canal giving spectacular views of the channel and the buildings seen on the other side of the Marina. It is also equipped with jogging and cycling tracks, thereby making it ideal for anyone who'd want to do some cardio and soak in the beautiful views. Apart from being a world-class resort, this cluster of buildings is also a very happening place where people dress to impress. This place also gets pretty busy on the weekend so expect a bit of trouble finding the parking space. Walking on the 'streets' that are made within the complex, provides a traditional market like feel, which is why it is accurately called 'Madinat Souk'. Once you are out of the complex, take a stroll past the artificial canal for a different kind of experience in the nightlife of Dubai. Plenty of high-end restaurants and cafes, magnificent views of Burj-Al-Arab, and a chance to sail down the canal gives you a feeling that you're in Europe, but just a bit more aesthetically pleasing. One of the premier nightclubs that promises one hell of a time! Boudoir reminds one of the French clubs in the early '20s but attracts the Lebanese crowd the most. This club attracts the well-dressed and the most party-committed people. Staying true to its name, the glowing red catwalk dominates the dance floor. In addition to innovative drinks, friendly people and affordable prices, Catwalk offers some of the best music in town to rock to. What more could you need to experience the best of Dubai nightlife.

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