Things Dubai is Famous for

Burj Khalifa - Dwarfing the city skyline of Downtown Dubai, this massive 828-meter-high structure is justifiably the first thing that comes into mind when one thinks about Dubai. It is known to most people that it’s the world’s tallest building. But it is more than that; it has the highest number of stories, comes with the tallest of its elevator, and also boasts the world’s most elevated observation deck at the height of over 555 meters. There is also a wide spectrum of accommodations plus restaurants and cafes that promise you an exquisite dining experience within an uber-classy setting. The Dubai Mall - A trip to Downtown Dubai and Dubai (as a whole) is incomplete without spending a day or at least a few hours at this colossal mall. Placed adjacent to Burj Khalifa, it is abundant with the most exciting things to do and experience. Check out its over 1200 retail outlets, grab a bite on the go with its 200 plus dining choices, and make the most of its amusement and edutainment attractions that are ideal for all age groups and abilities – Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, KidZania Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink, Hysteria Dubai Mall, and the biggest of its kind VR Park are just a few to mention. Dhow Cruise - Given its exuberant settings packed with the most glamorous sights, most people tend to believe that Dubai skimps when it comes to its historical and cultural side. The reality, however, is that the place immaculately preserves its culture and heritage. Take a stroll down the 19th-century Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood or go on a relaxing cruise aboard a traditional dhow that was once widely used for pearl farming and fishing (before the discovery of oil). This two-hour cruise, along the bustling Dubai Creek or the stylish Dubai Marina, promises you alternative sightseeing and the finest dining and entertainment options onboard.

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